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The Clim8® Lab

With strong expertise in thermophysiology, IoT and e-textiles, the Clim8 team pushes design and testing conditions to the extreme to deliver the most durable and highest quality heated garments in the industry.


Working in close collaboration with our partner brands, we define the typical scenario of use, and what would be the ideal product for the user.

The Protocol

With state of the art equipment, every product is rigorously tested to ensure the end users with the best heating technology, consistent comfort and durability, backed by the Clim8® seal of approval. From product’s concept through commercialization.

Thermal chamber for year round testing, capable of reaching -20°C (-4°F), wind turbine, bend/twist machine, etc.

Design & Conception

Technologies, Data analysis, Fabrics, Modeling tools, Materials

Lab Testing

User profile, Activity, Air temperature, Wind, Repeated use, Bend, Twist, Washibility

Real World Testing

Field testing, Data collection, User feedback

The Process

Our qualification and test procedures allow us to control products at different stages: specifications, prototyping and qualifications, pre-series, production and distribution.

At each iteration, we qualify the product to market the most accurate, the most comfortable, good quality products.