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Imagine a world where your clothing enhances your daily life and unleashes your potential, regardless of the weather conditions.
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Clim8® helps people live, work and perform in cold environments.

Founded in Lyon, France in 2016, Clim8 provides the high-end personalized thermoregulation Clim8® technology dedicated to smart clothing.

With strong expertise in thermophysiology, IoT and e-textiles, the Clim8 team pushes design and testing conditions to the extreme to deliver the most durable and highest quality heated garments in the industry.

Our co-founders

Florian Miguet


Julien Guéritée

R&D Director

Pierre Mouette


Award-winning technology

Clim8® technologies MONITOR in real time the temperature, ANALYZE the environment, user profile and specific needs, ACTIVATE heat when the comfort temperature drops and REGULATE skin temperature as the user starts and stops activities.

Clim8® has won many awards with its market leading partners, including several ISPO and CES Awards.

Our Partners

We partner with the best premium brands in the world to engineer and design heated wearables that are the most adapted to user’s needs and comfort.

DIGITAG by Clim8 supports brands in digitizing their collections and complying with European and American regulations on circularity, transforming products into smart enablers, for up-to-date multilingual compliance and new forms of engagement in the value chain.

The team behind

We are a growing multi-disciplinary team of experts from a wide range of fields, including Doctors, Engineers and Specialists in Thermophysiology and Human Comfort, IoT, Electronics, Textile Design and Manufacturing.

We’re all passionate about sports, technology, science and outdoors. From initial prototyping to commercialization, Clim8 creates thermal solutions with passion, care, and attention to every detail.

Press Releases & Assets

Download our latest press releases, the Clim8® logo, pictures and graphics of the Clim8® technology, lab, app and products, photos of the co-founders and more.

Please note: when talking about the technology, please use Clim8®. When talking about the company, please use Clim8.

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