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Keeping It Cool: Introducing Clim8’s Revolutionary Cooling Tech

Jul 11, 2023

Re-Defining Performance in Technical Apparel – the Future is Cool(ing)!

After 7 years of development in the heating tech, we’re now thrilled to announce that Clim8 has been chosen to participate in the ARMETISS combat clothing innovation program. This groundbreaking initiative, funded by the European Union aims to revolutionize soldier clothing by harnessing innovative textile technologies. The project’s main goal is to create smart garments that enhance the performance, safety, and well-being of soldiers.

Known as ARMETISS (Smart Multifunction Textiles for integrated Soldier Systems), the project endeavors to develop a comprehensive range of intelligent clothing and equipment. These cutting-edge products will integrate various functions tailored to the specific requirements of end-users within the European Union. 

By leveraging advanced textile-based technologies, ARMETISS seeks to equip soldiers with the necessary capabilities to excel in their demanding tasks while significantly improving their safety and well-being during military operations.

The ARMETISS project represents a significant step forward in textile innovation, as it aims to develop novel technologies uniquely suited to address the diverse needs of modern-day soldiers. Through the seamless integration of smart functionalities, this initiative promises to transform the way military personnel experience their clothing and equipment.

Clim8 will be responsible for developing the new cooling technology and thermal management for this program. This is a further sign of recognition for Clim8´s unique innovation capabilities and an important, consistent step towards opening another exciting chapter in its still young corporate history.

We’re proud to be part of this new generation of soldier program, specially Clim8 being recognized as the thermoregulation expert. This project is another essential milestone for Clim8 – now with the addition of cooling capabilities – on our journey to develop the ultimate thermal management technology for clothing.

Florian Miguet

CEO, Clim8

We are excited and look forward to delivering a superior thermal management solution for those that protect us. More to come…