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Blåkläder x Clim8®: Protecting Craftsmen From Cold Conditions

Jan 31, 2024

Making history since 1959.

Blåkläder is he Swedish brand of high-quality workwear, that has been outfitting the world’s craftsmen since 1959, protecting them from heat, cold and some of the most challenging work environments in the professional world.

This leader brand has one passion: quality. They’re constantly improving and tailoring solutions for continuous innovation and efficiency. Committed to the highest standards, they rigorously test and refine solutions, prioritizing smart functionality that enhances safety and comfort of their users.

Their goal is that their users feel proud and professional with their equipment. At Blåkläder they firmly believe in disproving the notion that quality and function need to be boring, by demonstrating this through their work.

Pushing the boundaries with a smart heated product

At the heart of this collaboration lies cutting-edge smart heating technology developed by Clim8®. This vest is equipped with intelligent sensors that continuously monitor and adjust the temperature based on real-time conditions. The result? Unparalleled warmth that adapts to the user’s needs, ensuring optimal comfort and dexterity throughout the day.

Blåkläder, a renowned name in the workwear industry, has seamlessly integrated Clim8® technology into their design, ensuring that the smart heated vest is not only functional but also stylish and comfortable. Quilted in the torso and back, with knitted polyester on the sides, it greatly enhances comfort and freedom of movement.

The heat of the new vest is automatically regulated by battery-powered sensors to ensure that weather conditions do not hinder comfort and productivity at work. If the user prefers to control the heat manually, the temperature can be set using the Clim8® app.

Thanks to its built-in automatic heating sensors, the vest is particularly useful for craftsmen who alternate between active and inactive tasks, since this equipment minimizes the risk of getting cold.

Many of our customers work in tough environments where a little extra warmth can make a big difference. The smart heating vest is an optimal choice as a warm garment for anyone who works standing up in cold areas for long periods and then starts to move around, as the thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature as needed, without user intervention. We are convinced that this will be a future classic in the Blåkläder Workwear range.

René Jean du Cosquer

Country Manager France, Blåkläder

Get ready to embark on a new era of work conditions

Blåkläder and Clim8 have set a new standard for workwear. This collaboration merges the Blåkläder’s experience in the field and Clim8® groundbreaking smart heating technology to maximize your comfort and performance in extreme weather conditions.