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Prometeus Intelligent Heated Vest

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This new Würth Modyf vest combines the strength, durability and comfort that professionals demand in the workplace with Clim8® advanced heating technology that monitors, adjusts and adapts temperature in real time according to work environment, activity, outside weather conditions and personal needs.

The Prometeus vest features a heating zone on the back, designed to spread heat evenly over the torso and relax back muscles. The vest’s thin fabric is designed to offer greater freedom of movement and reduce bulk when worn under a jacket or other thicker garment. Side inserts and stretch fabric make this a unisex garment that can be worn by women and men for work and leisure.

The Prometeus vest is designed to be used in all kinds of contexts, on its own in milder seasons or paired with heavier garments in the winter months.

Where can I purchase batteries and chargers?


Clim8 does not sell batteries and chargers directly to users. Please contact the brand of your product or your nearest dealer, they will be able to advise you.

How long does the battery last?


Battery duration depends on the construction of your gear, the temperature outside, the comfort temperature you’ve set in the Clim8® app, the activity you are doing and even your profile!

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Europe, France



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Android 7+ or iOS 11+
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