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A whole digital experience

Activate. Monitor. Regulate. Analyze.

Set it and forget it

The clim8 app helps you personalize your heated wearable, based on your needs and preferences. As you use the product, it evolves and improves over time for a tailor made heated experience.

The system will auto-activate according toyour activity, profile and environmentto keep you comfortable at all time.


Powerful intelligent technologies designed by science and adjusted to each user

While the system is intelligent and autonomous to regulate temperature and comfort, the clim8 app enables you to control your temperature, personnalize your products and give us your feedback so we can improve your experience.

Fit for your needs

On the first use of an intelligent product with clim8 technology inside, you will be invited to create your profile – to make your garment adapted to your specific needs.

Data such as gender, age, height and weight are characteristics that can change thermal needs. Our artificial intelligence learns from your preferences and personalize your gear.

Optimize your thermal experience

Take control of your thermal comfort, thanks to clim8 intelligent heating systems that know when and how to keep you warm at all times.


heat automatically and safely when needed.



your temperature in real time.


warmth to reach your optimal comfort.


your profile, environment and activity.