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Our technologies are unique. All details and information (only) apply to clim8 technology, clim8 app and products integrating clim8® technologies.

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The clim8 guarantee

All of our products are rigorously tested under the most extreme conditions. But we know that sometimes things just happen. That’s why we’ve created the clim8 guarantee, offering a minimum of 2 years warranty on all clim8 electronics. Please check with our brand partners, dealer or local reseller for the specifics terms and conditions. The decision to repair, replace, refund or reject is made at the discretion of clim8 and its partners based upon an examination of the products at the time of return. All issues caused by accidents, misuse or lack of proper care are excluded. Be sure to always follow your product’s care instructions to ensure a longer product life and better performances.

Want to find out more about products embedding clim8 intelligent technology inside?

Find out more about our partnership and licensing with clim8 brand on our solutions & services page.

Frequently Asked Questions
about our technologies and products.

clim8 and its technologies

Find out more about clim8, our embedded technologies and the performances of our products.

What is clim8 brand?

We are the global innovation leader in intelligent thermal technologies for wearables. We pioneer thermal wearable technologies, rooted in science and human need, by offering personalized thermo-regulation through digital automation for smart clothing applications. Dedicated to enhancing lives through thermal applications, we aim to create a world where textiles unleash human potential, undaunted by the weather.

How do clim8 technologies work?

clim8 uses unique patented and proprietary technologies to make intelligent, self-regulating and self-activating heated technologies. Fusing artificial intelligence, a mobile application, innovative processes, and active-response patented technologies, we engineer products that sense and react, in real-time to the human body to keep the user comfortable at all time.

Does clim8 offer various type of technologies?

Yes. Depending on products, we offer different types of technologies, tailored for the end use and adapted to the product itself. However, all of our technologies always seek to bring optimum thermal comfort.

Does clim8 sell clim8 branded products directly?

No. clim8, as an ingredient brand, engineers technologies which are available to your favorite outdoor, workwear and lifestyle brands through a licensing model. Our partners manufacture the end products, using clim8 technologies and clim8 brand standards to ensure optimum integration and quality. They then sell the finished products to the end customers. You can find examples of products manufactured and sold by our brand partners in the products page of our website.

How are clim8 smart technologies developed?

clim8 has a team of doctors, designers and engineers who tailor the technologies for optimum thermal comfort. We work with industry experts and technical research partners to ensure every product is fit for purpose.
clim8 offers entire thermal solutions for partners from idea generation, CAD concepts, prototyping, testing, sampling to production. Visit our clim8 LAB page to find out more.

How can I buy clim8 technologies?

As a business-to-business company, we do not sell to the end-users directly. Please check our products page to find the item that best suits your need. Note that all products with clim8 technologies inside come with the advanced activity algorithms for maximum versatility.

Are the clim8 technologies durable?

All of our products are rigorously tested under the most extreme conditions to ensure maximum durability and push the boundaries of smart clothing durability by setting up new standards to the industry. However, the life expectancy will depend on the conditions of use and product care.

What is the difference between clim8 inside products and other heating products?

“clim8 inside” products adapt to your needs depending on your exact profile and activity to provide fully customized heat. With auto-regulation and auto-activation, clim8® products are heating and intelligent, knowing when and how to keep you warm.

Battery system + charger

Find out more about the power8 battery systems wether integrated (core8 module) or not (for gloves).

How long can the battery last?

It depends a lot on your usage. Batteries are a complex technology, and a number of variables contribute to battery life and performance. We try to make sure that the battery life is sufficient for the end use of the product.

How do I know if I have battery left?

The LED indicator on your product will flash slowly when the battery is down to 5%. You can also check the battery level on your clim8 application and a notification can alert you when the battery is at down to 20%.

How do I charge the batteries of my product?

It depends on the product you have. We recommend using the supplied charging cable or charger for your product.

For core8 (integrated battery)

Plug the supplied battery cable to a power supply and let it charge. The LED light will flash while charging. The LED light will stop flashing when the battery is full.

For core8+ (non-integrated batteries)

Take the batteries out and plug them with the supplied battery cable to a power supply and let it charge. Most of our chargers come with LED light charging indicator which is red while charging and green when the batteries are fully charged.

Can I use a power bank to charge my core8 module?

Yes you can use a power bank on the go when you are out of home for a long skiing day for instance. However, for safety reason, it is not possible to use the core8 module while it is charging. 

Do not use a power bank to charge your gloves’ batteries.

Can I use different batteries and chargers than those supplied with my product?

No. Our batteries and chargers respect specific standards, which may not be the case of other products. We accept no liability if issues arise from using different batteries and/or chargers than the ones supplied.

What if I leave the battery to charge all night long?

It is safe to charge it for a long periods. It will automatically stop charging without affecting the battery.

Can I recharge the batteries while I'm using them?

No, for safety reasons, we do not provide this function.

Is it ok to submerge the batteries in water?

No. The batteries are designed to be water-resistant but they are not waterproof.

How should the batteries be stored when they are not in use for a long period?

We recommend you check the user manual and specific safety instructions for your specific battery’s requirements.

How is a battery affected by a cold environment?

The drop in capacity is about less than 5% from 25°C to 0°C. Our batteries are made for low temperature environments.

Can I use a single battery with several clim8 products?

Yes. For instance, it is possible to have two base layers and to use only one core8 module. However, you will have to reset the battery each time you want to use it with a different garment so that there is no more link between the battery and the previous garment.

Can I order a battery separately?

Yes. Most of our brand partners do sell batteries alone. We recommend that you check on their websites for more information.

My battery is defective, what should I do and who provides support for battery issues?

For any battery issue, please contact the customer service of your official reseller or brand partner who sold you the product. They will be able to provide you with a great support.

Need of a spare battery or replacement?

Please check with your official vendor or local reseller to purchase additional batteries or request replacement ones. Most of our partners provides this service.

clim8 app set up & feedback

Find out more about the clim8 app, its functionalities and the feedback option in this dedicated section.

Is the clim8 app necessary?

The clim8 app is necessary only to set up and personalize your product. However, once your product is calibrated, your product keeps the memory and the artificial intelligence can do the rest, without having the app open. However and for optimum products performances, we do recommend to have it with you. 

Where can I download the app?

The clim8 app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store (app not available on the Huawei AppGallery). It is compatible with iOS 9+ or later and Android 6+ or later.

I can't download the clim8 app

Make sure you are using a compatible operating system (iOS 9+ or Android 6+). For any issue to download the app, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the steps to set up the app once downloaded?

You can find all the information about the app on the dedicated page of our website.

Why does the clim8 app ask for activity selection?

The activity selection will help the system to activate the heat based on your activity’s needs. Our dedicated heated algorithms will adapt the heat accordingly. As you can imagine, a skier and a worker might not have the same activity level. 

Why do I need to give my personal data?
The first time you log in, the app will ask you for some basic personal data in order to define your thermal profile. Each person has different needs, depending on their different criteria. Without this non-personal data, the algorithm used by clim8 would not be able to deliver a customized experience that is tailor-made for each individual user.
Can I have several clim8 products with only one smartphone?

Yes, you can have and control several products with one smartphone/account.

What if I forget my smartphone?

You need to have your smartphone with you when calibrating the product. However, your clim8 product works on its own, without your smartphone. All you need to do is make sure the batteries are charged up. If you have your smartphone with you, though, you can have access to more advanced functions.

Does the app needs to be open in order for my products to operate?
No. All clim8 products are designed to work on their own, once they are set up.
Is it possible to pair several different clim8 products at the same time?

You can have different clim8 products registered to your account. However, and In order to avoid connectivity issues, we recommend that you only calibrate one clim8 product at a time. The goal is to avoid having several different clim8 products connected in the same room during the calibration process. This can occur when a group of people wants to calibrate their devices at the same time.

How can I recalibrate my clim8 product?

It is possible that the conditions were not completely perfect when you calibrated your product, and the temperature set was not ideal. You can either adjust the comfortable temperature manually on the app, or by selecting ‘new calibration’ in the devices page. You just need to pair your products to the application prior to adjusting the settings.

The app is not working correctly on my phone, what can I do?

First, make sure your app is up to date as we make regular updates. If the problem persists, please contact clim8 customer support and describe your issue with as much details as possible to help our customer support team.

The Bluetooth scan doesn’t find my product during the pairing process (1st connection)

Please make sure that your phone is compatible (iOS 9+ or Android 6+), that your app is up to date and that the bluetooth is on. Start the pairing process, if your phone doesn’t detect your product, unplug and replug the batteries and start again the pairing process following the instructions on your phone.

The Bluetooth scan doesn’t find my already paired product (2nd+ connection)

If your phone doesn’t detect your product when you open the app, check that the bluetooth on your phone is on and simply drag down the home screen to refresh the page and force the scan.

If the connection problem persists, here's how to reset the Core8 battery
1. Close the app
2. Make sure Bluetooth is ON (on phone’s settings and clim8 app settings)
3. Snap the core8 battery on to the shirt
4. Press 7 seconds the power button until the LED light blinks to reset the battery and the shirt
5. Turn off the core8 battery
6. Open the app and turn on the core8 battery. Then wait until it connects.
Why does the app ask me for feedbacks?

After each activity, the app asks you feedbacks and uses them to fine tune and tailor your own heating experience.

Product use & care

Find out more on how to make the most of your products and ensure longer lasting experience with the clim8® technology.

What should I do if I have an issue with my product with clim8 technology inside?

clim8 is a B2B company that supplies its technologies to approved partner brands. If you have a problem with product with clim8 technology inside, please check if the issue regards the product, or the mobile application. If the product is concerned, please contact the brand directly via their website or contact number. If your issue regards the mobile application, or if you have any question regarding our technologies, please contact us.

Can I wash my clim8 products?

Please refer to the care instructions of your product for the washing conditions.

How can you make sure that no one is burned or injured by heating?

We have a specific and complete security control at all levels: hardware, software and textiles, in order to ensure the maximum security of the system. The system automatically turns off if something abnormal is detected.

Are there any contraindications to the use of heating products?

Heating products are not recommended for people with impaired physical, sensory or mental capacities. People who are unable to feel hot or cold and suffer from skin sensation disorders. A doctor’s opinion is recommended before use.

Can clim8 products be worn with avalanche transceivers?

Avalanche transceivers emit a signal of 457KHZ on a closed signal loop. The Bluetooth functionality in the core8 battery, or the electric current running through the garment, should not affect the signal emitted by the transceiver for search & rescue function. However we do NOT recommend to use your products with an avalanche transceiver.

Can I wear clim8 products if I have metallic implants such as a heart pacemaker?

If you have a heart pacemaker, metal implants or insulin pump you should first consult with your doctor before using the products. Please refer to your product’s safety instructions for all medical related questions.

… and our products


  •  Find out more about the gloves with clim8® technology inside. 
What is the difference between clim8 inside gloves and other heating gloves?

“clim8 inside” products adapt to your needs depending on what your exact profile and activity are, and enable you to have customized heat. With auto-regulation and auto-activation, those gloves are heating and intelligent, knowing when and how much to heat.

Can I wash my gloves?

Please check the care labels of your gloves. Most of our gloves are not washable but some might be.

How can I reset my gloves?

Pair the app with the gloves. Then, from the app homepage, go into the app settings then click on factory reset.

Certain part of the gloves do not seem to be warming up

The areas where warmth is supplied have been optimized so as to provide the best possible sensation, and consequently they do not cover every part of the glove.

I find that my gloves get too hot

This can happen if you did not calibrate the gloves under the right conditions, and if the temperature used as a reference is high. We advise you to calibrate the gloves again under the right conditions, or to lower the temperature manually.

The automatic detection does not work when my gloves are damp/wet

The auto detection system is a sensitive system and depending on the users and uses, in some cases the system may remain on after a certain period of time. If this is the case, you should take out the battery and re-insert it in order for the system to function properly again and dry your gloves in a dry place.

The LED light flashes, what should I do?

There are two cases scenario in which the LED indicator flashes:
1. The LED light flashes slowly: it means that your battery level is low. Please consider charging your battery.
2. The LED light flashes rapidly: please unplug and replug the battery and check if the problem persists. If it does, contact clim8 customer support or your local reseller.

My gloves don't heat at the same time, is it normal?

Yes, the 2 gloves are autonomous, and regulate their temperature independently of each other. It can therefore happen that while one glove is heating, the other does not need it. However, the regulation temperature is the same for both gloves.

The gloves turns on alone

If you bend or squeeze the glove hard it may light up. In this case or for transport in your backpack, it is advisable to disconnect the battery to avoid any unintentional operation.

Do I have to disconnect my batteries between each use?

When you plug in your batteries, the gloves are in “standby mode”, the battery consumption is very low. When you use your gloves, you put your hands in, the LED indicator turns on, the glove is ON and starts heating up only when you need it.
When you take off your gloves, the LED indicator goes out : the gloves are “on standby mode” again. No need to disconnect my batteries.

How to reset the battery?

Open your clim8 app and go to settings to reset the batteries.

Baselayers and midlayers

  •  Find out more about the baselayers and midlayers with clim8® technology inside. 
Is it possible to buy a base/mid layer without the Core8 module?
No, this is sold as one package. However it may evolve in the future. Stay in touch with your reseller.
If the baselayer/midlayer is defective, should I also return the battery and the charger?
It depends, please check with your official reseller for return process.
Can the base/mid layer overheat?
There is a multi-level safety built into the garment. Both the heating panels & the software are set to not go above 37° and stop immediately in case of higher temperatures.
Can I adjust the level of heat manually?
Yes. Once the garment paired with the clim8 app, you can adapt the level of heat.
Can I wear the garment if I am pregnant?
It is not a problem for pregnant women to wear the baselayer/midlayer.
For what purpose is a base/mid layer intended?

This is sportswear and lifestyle. It was designed for multi-activity and versatile use.

How can I wash my midlayer/baselayer?

The garment is machine washable (30°C) & we recommend you to use the gentle program 30°C. Do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not dry clean. The battery imperatively needs to be removed from the garment before washing. Please check the care label of your garment.

Certain part of the gloves do not seem to be warming up

The areas where warmth is supplied have been optimized so as to provide the best possible sensation, and consequently they do not cover every part of the garment.

How to reset the battery?

Make sure the battery is turned off and the app is killed on your phone. Snap the Core8 on the shirt. Press the power button during 7 seconds until the LED indicator bliss.

Or, open your clim8 app and go to settings to reset the batteries.

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