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Story: Filmmaking in Finland With Clim8® and BRP

Feb 28, 2023

… and action!

Camera assistant Nicolas is currently working in Finland on a film project for a well-known streaming service.

Long days of shooting outdoors at -11°C to -30°C and icy winds in knee-high snow were only feasible with special equipment.

Nic brought the new Ski Doo Expedition Radiant gloves integrating Clim8® technology. Plus a winter jacket, pants and baselayers from Clim8 partner BRP.

The gloves with Clim8® technology are great for skiing and Ski-Doo tours, despite icy cold you always have warm hands. Even at minus 30°C, the batteries last half a day.

The windproof pants from BRP with adjustable suspenders and lined material were a lifesaver.