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Partner Focus: IXON – By And For Motorcyclists

May 12, 2022

The mission: offering bikers the best experience through the best quality equipment.

Founded by Thierry Maniguet, a motorcycle enthusiast, IXON has been working since 1996 on research and development to offer to its customers a unique experience when riding. IXON is the most distributed French motorcycle brand in the world, being present in over 70 countries. However, the team remains extremely attached to its roots, Mr. Maniguet still on the top and the headquarters still based in Mâcon, France.

The team combines passion and expertise to meet the needs of its customers as precisely as possible. IXON is a house of experts and riders enthusiasts, testing the products themselves in the field. Designers and professional racing bikers wearing IXON garments work together to provide customers with the best in-class technologies and equipment, offering them a unique experience on two wheels.

From competition, where it contributes to the performance of riders, to the road, where it enhances the riding experience of motorcyclists who use IXON equipment, the IXON brand uses innovation and technology as the fundamental pillars of its product development.

“Think Global, Act Local”

This well-defined IXON approach aims to offer the same level of excellence and quality all over the world, looking to adapt its offer to the specific needs of users, according to the countries. Why? To provide a better customer experience and to respond to specific needs on each market.


The brand has developed 5 universes of motorcycle practice: Racing, Roadster, Adventure, Urban and Heritage, so it fulfils all the bikers’ requirements and give them a different style to express themselves through IXON equipment.

A passion shared: motorcycle and excelling oneself

IXON has a strong commitment to competition. It participates in the quest for performance of its riders by providing them with custom-made equipment at the highest level. IXON riders also represent a very important part of the brand’s R&D: they help IXON develop some innovations and technologies that will be found in tomorrow’s products for all motorcyclists.

Speed, Endurance, Superbiker: it is present in all disciplines on an international scale. In 2010, a new era began for IXON with the arrival at the pinnacle of speed and motorcycle sport: MotoGP.

Today, IXON has become a key player in the world of racing and is one of the most represented brands, one of the most dynamic, but also one of the most recognized by the quality of products and services associated.

IXON focuses its expertise on technology and innovation, allowing them to remain committed to the performance and improve the quality of their products.

The IX-LAB is the innovation and production laboratory based at IXON headquarters in France, which is where custom suits for professional riders are made. This “Made in France” manufacturing is a highly technical and crafted precision work that reveals all the know-how of IXON in motorcycle equipment.

The company also has been increasingly developing partnerships with tech companies that are experts in their field. Now, IXON offers some of the most innovative bikers’ equipment on the market.

That’s the reason why it has been co-developing smart heated gloves with Clim8, in order to further improve the riders’ experience.

IT SERIES: The gloves that know WHEN and HOW to keep you warm

With this new product line, IXON takes a step forward in technology and develops a new performance in the field of winter gloves.

For this new production, we have co-developed heating panels with conductive yarns that are perfectly integrated on the product for a better heat distribution.

These are intelligent heated gloves that provide absolute thermal comfort thanks to a heating system that adapts in real time to the user’s needs. Thanks to its sensors, the Clim8® module is able to recognize the moment when to trigger the heat to keep the user warm at all time.

After calibrating its heated gloves to its body temperature through the Clim8® app, the rider can safely focus on the road, adjustments being made automatically by the intelligent heating system.