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Our Top 10 Motorcycle Rides In Europe For Spring

May 4, 2023

The must awaited season is here: Spring. And maybe you wondered which motorcycle ride you can enjoy before big sun rays fall on your head. For that, we have made you a list of our best Europe motorcycle rides of the spring.

And, just remember that most of these roads are in altitude, so even if in the cities it starts getting hot, you could be freezing up there. So don’t forget your Clim8® heated gloves that have been design to be with you during your most amazing adventures on the road.

1. D76 – Combe Laval, France


Besides being one of the most spectacular roads in the country, it is also a national heritage that should not be missed. With unique views and landscapes, this road is separated from its surrounding areas by the steepest cliffs. Like a fortress, the road rotates around the Vercors mountains for over four kilometers, passing through tunnels and metal causeways. Just watch out for the cliffs and enjoy the views.

2. Strada della Forra, Italy

Source: Gran Turismo Events

Called the eighth wonder of the world by Winston Churchill, Via della Forra is known as one of the coolest and wettest roads in the area. A road that will allow you to immerse yourself in a natural show that combines light and darkness with a spectacular view of Lake Garda. On the way down, enjoy the high altitude restaurants along the road and then continue on your way.

3. Klausen Pass, Switzerland

Source: The French Ride

If you like speed on the road, this one is for you. The road 17 between Altdorf and Linthal, tightens on certain places. The tight curves force you to reduce your speed in some places to enjoy the beautiful views of the fields and mountains around you. However, the glimpses of the road ahead will make you accelerate strongly at other places. Just be careful and enjoy the ride, you’ll feel like you are just a tiny person in the middle of the mountains.

4. Col de la Bonnette, France

Source: Thomas Lang

To ride the Col de la Bonnette is to enjoy climbing one of the highest points you can reach on a paved road in Europe. Add this route to your bucket list as it is considered a very difficult route that you will be very proud to conquer and tell about. Pay attention and enjoy the breathtaking views around you.

5. AL3102 – Bacares, Velifique, Spain

Source: Scenic Motorcycle Navigation

At 2050 meters above sea level, this route in the region of Almeria is probably one of the most beautiful routes in Europe to do during the spring. After 31 km you will reach the top, where on a clear day you will have a breathtaking view of the Tabernas Desert and the Sierra Nevada National Park. Be careful, though, because it can be very cold up there, even though temperatures are rising in the south of the country.

6. North Coast 500, UK

Source: Dayinsure

This route is a 500-mile loop around the northern area of Scotland, offering stunning views of the Scottisk Highlands and the coastline. The route includes winding roads and challenging terrain, making it a popular destination for experienced riders. This is one of the most scenic routes in the UK and you will love it! Along the way you can find castles, climbing mountains and incredible beaches!

7. Romantic Road, Germany

Source: The Times

A scenic route that takes you through charming towns and picturesque countryside in southern Germany. The route includes stops at cultural and historical attractions like the Würzburg Residence and the Neuschwanstein Castle, it packs everything in from the medieval era. The whole route is 400 km, so we advise you to take your time and dedicate four to seven days to complete it.

8. D918 – Col du Tourmalet, France

Source: Pyrenees Cycling Hotel

The one that has to be in all your wishlist. This is one of the most impressive roads in France. It is one of the peeks where you can feel that you’re driving between the clouds. This place has always been a legendary place for motorcyclists. What makes this route so attractive are its long ramps that are only interrupted by a few turns along the way. When you reach the top, you will be elevated to 2,115 m.

9. Black Forest, Germany

Source: TomTom

Located on the side of the Rhine, the Black Forest is a wooded mountain range and an area famous for its cuckoo clocks. Have you ever driven between mountains? And between dense forests? Here you will mix both, and you will be speechless, it will be something fascinating.

10. Furka Pass, Switzerland 

Source: EPIKdrives

One of the most famous roads in the region after James Bond’s Goldfinger film, the Furka runs along the northern side of the Furkareuss valley between the Grimsel Pass and Andermatt. You will find this crossing on route 19, a road described as gentle and calm. Take advantage of the road to come face to face with the magnificent views of the valley to your east side.