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New Partnership With BRP: Heating Garments and Snowriding Sports

Feb 15, 2022

A 2022 full of opportunities and good news!

Today the Clim8 crew teams up with BRP to enhance the snowriding experience of users through heating and intelligent garments.

BRP a Canadian brand with over 75 years dedicated to innovation and Clim8 the world leader in intelligent thermal technologies are working together to achieve their main objective, allow customers to live unforgettable outdoor experiences.

That felling, this adrenaline that appears while riding a snowmobile is unique and now with Clim8 garments that experience will be multiplied. Clim8 will provide you a thermal comfort, that while you are doing your winter sport you will be able to focus on the action and won’t be bothered by the weather.

BRP : “Because it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. Yours.”

Creating new ways to move is at the heart of the approach developed by BRP. This approach is therefore ensured by innovation, that will allow the customer to live experiences on his journey that will not be measured by distance but rather by the emotions felt.

Since 1942, Joseph-Armand Bombardier, the creator, has been working on discovering new playgrounds to revolutionize and innovate the motorsports industry.

Mr. Bombardier was the one to obtain a patent for the very first vehicle that could travel on snow and from that moment on, he and his team have been constantly creating innovative ways to ride, that could create a new sport.

Today, BRP products can be transported on snow, water, land and even in the air. With its eight brands, Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, Can-Am On-Road and Off-Road, Lynx, Rotax, Manitou, Alumacraft and Quintrex, BRP is recognized worldwide and is becoming an icon in the powersports and marine industry.

A culture of innovation has been well developed within the group, which has helped them discover new paths, reach greater heights and create unforgettable memories.

Stay tuned! All the products will be available in the fall-winter season 2022.

As a Clim8 team, we seek to give added value to innovative and premieum brands.

Our goal is to provide the consumer with a unique thermal experience during their ride, since one of BRP’s beliefs is to make the customer enjoying his ride instead of ride to get to the destination.

“We feel that parts, accessories and apparel are an essential part of the rider’s adventure” said the BRP crew

Clim8 intelligent thermal technology will power BRP users with a personalized and autonomous heating experience for all their outdoor activities. With individual user settings on the Clim8 app controller, the automated Clim8 heating only activates when it is needed, according to each user’s profile, activity and comfort setting.

This will allow the user to have a better performance and be comfortable during the winter activity.