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Mechanix Wear: The Experts In Workers Protection Gear

Jan 11, 2023

Quality products since the beginning

Mechanix Wear has been working daily for 30 years now to provide quality products to qualified professionals and service members around the world. The brand is where it is today because it has earned the trust of users through its commitment.

The brand strives to offer anatomical design and state-of-the-art material technology and rigorous testing standards.

Going back to the beginnings of Mechanix Wear, it was in 1994 when Jim Hale, an American AXO Sport distributor who worked for an Italian company that manufactured motocross equipment and products, created a glove to protect users’ hands without impacting the activity they’re doing. This simple request was the one that invented the category of high performance hand protection and gave birth to a company that has been around for over 30 years.

The idea of a legendary racing mechanic was the one that started a revolution of the working garments’ industry. Loved by mechanics and pit crews at the 1991 Daytona 500, The Original® was the glove that started it all. From that moment on, the brand has continued to innovate in order to offer solutions to all industries where professionals use their hands to work. That means mechanics, construction workers, trade professionals, military and law enforcement.

User-centered products

Mechanix Wear was the first company to develop and introduce high performance work gloves. It is the first and largest company in the motorsports, construction and industrial operations industries dedicated to providing gloves to help users work faster, safer and cleaner.

Over the years, it has built products that cover all the impacts workers may encounter while they are doing their job. In the list we may find heat and flame resistant gloves, cut ressistant gloves, cold and water resistant gloves, high visibility and easy fit gloves.

Mechanix Wear x Clim8®: ColdWork Heated Gloves

To continue the brand’s revolutionary product line, Mechanix Wear joined the Clim8 adventure in 2019.

Together we co-developed the ColdWork heated gloves that integrate Clim8® technologies, so they offer an intelligent, self-activating and self-regulating heating system.

These gloves feature 133g of Primaloft® Gold insulation, which will keep the heat in the glove, and SoftShell technology, which makes the product water-resistant. Warming zones have been strategically placed to allow the user to work in the most extreme winter conditions.

So if you don’t have your heated work gloves yet, what are you waiting for?