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Härkila x Clim8®: The Perfect Combination For Hunters

Sep 27, 2022

After announcing this new partnership on our social media, here you’ll find all about our partner, Härkila. 

“Härkila: Trust Your Instinct”

Härkila was founded in 1985 in Västra Götaland in southern Sweden. Today it is present in more than 50 countries and is one of the world’s leading brands in clothing and equipment for the hunting industry, thanks to its constantly innovative design and technology.

In the beginning, Härkila produced quiet and waterproof hunting clothing, but later on, it began to produce other types of clothing, which led to its presence throughout Scandinavia, the British Isles, and continental Europe.

A growing family business

Before becoming a leading brand, Härkila was known as a kennel known for its award-winning hunting dogs.

Today Härkila is a family business growing more and more through new technologies and innovation while keeping the same basis from the beginning: understanding how crucial good equipment is to hunters’ success.

Specialization and innovation are part of the Härkila brand tradition. For thousands of years, hunting has been an integral part of life in the Nordic countries and plays a vital role in the survival of the population, as well as in the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity.

Härkila has grown into a brand that develops clothing for a wide variety of hunting activities, yet its values remain unchanged: to design clothing that can withstand the variable weather conditions of northern Europe and to enable outdoor enthusiasts to experience the joy of nature.

“We are hunters, we are Härkila”

Härkila’s goal is to offer the best solutions to its community, to make their life better and easier, and for that, every detail is thought out rigorously that years are needed to design a garment.

All the Härkila team, those of production, design, R&D, among others, know about hunting and hunters’ needs and for that reason, they work so hard, so that every day they can answer in the best way to those needs.

The quality of all the products is verified by the ambition of each employee to offer the best clothing for hunting elk, wild boar, etc. Using the best fabrics available and manufacturing in the most experienced factories.

All Härkila’s products are tested on the field and the brand ensures that each product is the best it can be so that waterproofs are waterproof, and jackets like the Härkila Stornoway Shooting Jacket will keep you warm and dry whatever the weather.

Looking for improvements and innovation

At Härkila, they combine their proud heritage of Scandinavian hunters with the newest technological solutions from leading suppliers of the textile industry

They merge the traditional fabrics of wool and leather with the most cutting-edge materials from all around the world just to keep the user dry and warm, no matter what type of hunting the users pursue but to create the ultimate hunting gear suitable for any type of hunting.

Härkila needs more than that, they need to make the hunter’s clothing silent, they have to give them mobility, and they need to provide their clothing with innovative solutions that will help them overcome the challenges that they have to face in the wild.

High skilled suppliers

They combine their passion and knowledge of hunting with the technological approach of their suppliers. The world’s most advanced and acknowledge developers of wind and waterproof membranes, sole and footbed systems, zipper solutions, insulation fabrics, and camo design to give the user the sturdiest and most comfortable hunting gear available.

Going back to the brand’s beginnings, we learn that the first product developed by its creator was a revolutionary innovation that made Härkila the first brand in the industry to integrate a high-end membrane system. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to offer the most innovative and highest quality hunting clothing on the market, aimed at supporting the hunter’s technique and contributing to his success.

For that, today we’ve created the new Härkila x Clim8® HWS gloves, which we have co-developed just for you!

A pair of heating gloves that will let the hunter stay focused on the action, not be distracted by his equipment, be silent, and protect himself from the strong temperatures of the forest during winter.