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Gordini x Clim8®: The Gloves To Shine On The Slopes

Jun 6, 2023

Keeping your hands warm and dry so you can stay outside longer

Gordini has been redefining the cold weather experience through glove innovation for more than 65 years. Based in Vermont, family run and independently owned, Gordini has focused on the same mission since its founding in 1956: to keep hands warm and dry for full days of adventure.

From introducing the first-ever down and leather ski mitts to launching the industry’s first glove made entirely from bluesign® APPROVED materials, Gordini has always worked to combine proven materials with the latest technologies to deliver the best possible product to its customers.

“We will always do our best to do the right thing because the future is in all our hands”

Gordini’s commitment to high-quality materials and innovative designs has made it a favorite among winter sports enthusiasts for decades. It’s goal from day one has been to not just make winter accessories, but to offer a unique experience to the user through quality outdoor gear that stands the test of time and regular use. With intentional materials and attention to detail, Gordini designs, tests and adjusts its products to the most extreme conditions season after season.

Gordini’s values :

  • Purpose-built: every detail is by design
  • Accessible: built better for all hands
  • Responsible: demand sensible progress

These aligned values forged the partnership between Gordini and Clim8, and the development of a unique heated experience for consumers looking to stay outside longer in comfort.

Gordini x Clim8

As the winter season approaches, skiers and snowboarders around the world are gearing up for another season on the slopes. This year, they will have an innovative new tool: the Forge Heated Gloves.

Gordini is committed to innovation and purpose-built design and with its partnership with Clim8, they will introduce a glove that works like a thermostat.The Forge heated glove monitors and maintains an ideal temperature, automatically turning on and off according to the user’s body heat, activity output and outside environment.

The Forge heated gloves utilize smart sensors and intelligent heating that thermoregulates in real time according to user profile, activity, and temperature. When the Forge gloves are programmed using a paired smartphone app, the heating system automatically reads the user’s body temperature and maintains a steady and comfortable level of warmth. The smart gloves power on and off as needed, preserving battery life, and maximizing comfort.

The partnership between Gordini and Clim8 is an exciting development for the winter sports industry. By combining Gordini’s decades of experience in outdoor gear with Clim8®’s cutting-edge technology, the Forge heated gloves is a product that is truly ahead of its time.

Outdoor enthusiasts stay tuned – the future is in our hands!