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Eddie Bauer x Clim8®: A New Partnership Based on Innovation

Mar 14, 2022

When a historic skiwear brand meets wearable technologies to provide you personalized, intelligent and automated thermoregulation experience.

The Eddie Bauer brand’s commitment goes beyond the activities its products enable. The values go back to the beginning, when the founder chose to make the outside more attractive by encouraging people to get out and enjoy nature, even in winter.

Together with Eddie Bauer, we want to allow outdoor enthusiasts to live the best thermal experience and to begin a new adventure. For this we have created garments made with flexible and breathable fabrics and powered by water-resistant module and a smart battery system.

Eddie Bauer: 100 years of product innovation for outdoor adventures

It all started when Eddie Bauer, an outdoor guide, who had the ambition to ensure that all people were invited, accepted and empowered to thrive in the outdoor community. To do this in 1920, he started to produce outdoor clothing.

After suffering hypothermia on a fishing trip, Eddie Bauer, patented the first America’s down jacket. At that moment he was looking to revolutionize the cold-weather textile industry and change the outdoor industry forever.

One of Eddie Bauer products, was the premier outfit for American mountaineering, and scientific expeditions around the globe over the next 30 years.

Their products has been part of the record of the coldest temperature that had ever been registered on Earth (-102.1°F, around -74°C) and he outfitted a lot of ascent to the biggest cold mountains, as the Mount Everest and its West Ridge and the Great Tango Tower.

Eddie Bauer’s goal has always been to inspire people to go outside during the winter and for that today they will be partnering with our brand Clim8, which totally fulfills their ambitions.

“Our goal is to provide products that enable people to experience the outdoors and with Clim8 we can offer a new level of protection regardless of weather conditions,” said Damien Huang, CEO at Eddie Bauer.

With this new partnership there will be no doubt that you will enjoy the outdoors like never before. Clim8 intelligent heating technology will keep your chosen body comfort temperature according to your activity intensity, in a versatile, stretchable water-resistant and breathable next to skin stylish garment.

Whether you’re skiing, hiking or even spending time with your family in the snow, your garments will allow you to free your mind and focus on the action.

Your garments will be available on fall and winter season 2022.

Clim8 partners with the best premium brands in the world to engineer and design products that are the most adapted to user’s needs and comfort. We bring them intelligence so they can adapt to each user’s needs and preferences, and let them enjoy the ultimate personalized thermal experience undisturbed by the weather.

Brands have the ambition to make already good products even better! That’s why Clim8 is set for. Integrated into premium brands, Clim8 thermal technology make those high end products even better, so brands can make a difference with added value.

If you want to check out all the garments of this partnership, stay tunned on our social medias, below!