Clim8ology – Ep#3: the Development of the New Clim8® App

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In this third episode, our Front-end Developer tells everything that goes on behind the development of the brand-new Clim8® app interface. Every day is a perfect day to learn something new!

This year, Clim8 has decided to involve its users in its digital strategy. Today we’re proud to announce that after so much hard work, we’ve finally launched the new version of the Clim8® app, which brings together feedback from our users and technological advances.

Designed to go with the users in every step of the way, the Clim8® app is the ideal digital companion for enjoying intelligent heating products that are perfect for winter season. An even more intuitive and personalized application, with improvements throughout the user journey.

Your winter companion redefined: no need for a formal introduction—let’s jump right into the exciting features that redefine the Clim8® app.

Empowering your experience: the companion app evolution

Picture this: a digital companion designed to be with you in every step of the way through winter.

The Clim8® app isn’t just an application; it’s your intelligent heating ally. The primary goal for 2023 was clear—build the foundations to make the Clim8® app a companion app, offering unparalleled support and an enriched user experience.

User-centric development unleashed

How did Clim8 put users at the core of this evolution? By unleashing a wave of user engagement like never before. A satisfaction survey reached every user, and insights from the Beta Testing program became the bedrock for the new app—a scalable solution tailored to the needs of all users.

Discover what’s new: a glimpse into the new version of the Clim8® app

Enhanced User Experience
The focus on user experience is more than a simple concept—it’s a commitment. The Clim8® app is now more intuitive and a user-friendly interface that adapts to your preferences.

Fresh Visual Identity
The app has undergone a visual metamorphosis, embracing subtle, neutral colors and a refined design system. It’s not just about looks; it’s about creating an aesthetically pleasing, seamless experience.

Redefined User Interface
A redefined controller view to an easier control of your product. Specific shortcuts make interaction a breeze, enhancing user experience and simplifying your journey through the use of the intelligent system.

Meet Your 24/7 Assistant – The Chatbot
A virtual companion is now at your service around the clock. The introduction of the chatbot ensures that all your queries and needs are met promptly, enhancing the accessibility of Clim8®’s intelligent heating products.

The Discovery – An Immersive Gateway to the Clim8®’s World
Explore all products that integrate Clim8® technology in one click. Immerse yourself in a wealth of information about each item, from product information to must-have features. A new way to connect with the extraordinary world of heating.

Behind the scenes of the journey

What went on behind closed doors? Here’s the scoop:

User Feedback Analysis
The team dove deep into user feedback, extracting valuable insights to guide the evolution of the app.

Redesign Phase
Insights in hand, the Clim8 team embarked on a redesign journey, sculpting the app into a masterpiece of user-centric design.

Customer Survey Loop
Tthe revamped app wasn’t kept under wraps. Users played an active role, providing feedback through a survey, that became the cornerstone of a collaborative development process.

Sprint to Perfection
Four months of intense two-week sprints ensued, fine-tuning and refining the app based on the invaluable feedback from the Clim8 community.

Your voice matters: the Clim8 community

In closing, consider this an open invitation from Clim8: “Enjoy the Clim8® app, and most importantly, if you have any feedback, please let us know!” Your input is the driving force behind Clim8’s commitment to excellence.

Prepare to elevate your winter experience with the Clim8® app—a true companion on your journey to intelligent heating! Download now and immerse yourself in the warmth of innovation at your fingertips.

Testing throughout development has stabilized the core of the application, creating a solid foundation for future enhancements and new feature developments.

Nicolas Rubio – Front-end Developer, Clim8