Clim8ology – Ep#2: What is the Product Development Process at Clim8?

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In this second episode, our e-Textile Manager Marion Gouthez tells everything that goes on behind the scenes of a collaboration with Clim8. Every day is a perfect day to learn something new! 🤓


Hello, my name is Marion Gouthez and I am e-Textile Project Manager at Clim8.

My role at Clim8 is the development of products with our partner brands. I manage the product from its birth to its production through prototyping, pre-series and industrial transfer cycles.

First stage
The specifications which define the use, the duration of the battery, the external conditions such as temperature, wind speed.

Second stage
Prototyping and qualification cycles. This is when the tripartite collaboration begins between the brand, the manufacturer and Clim8. On the Clim8 side, we will check the proper integration of our technology within the product, check that the heating zones are correctly placed. But the most important thing is that at each iteration, at each version, we will thermally qualify the product in order to market the most accurate, the most comfortable, good quality products.

Third stage
The pre-series to ensure the industrial transfer.

Final stage
Production for launch and distribution.

The duration of the development process will depend on the client, the market, the type of product. On average, one year of development.

We have at Clim8 a laboratory called the Clim8® Lab, armed with qualification procedures, test procedures that allow us to control products at different stages. The Clim8® Lab is all about expertise, a dedicated and qualified team, ultra-specific machines and many products that arrive regularly, all different from each other. At the same time, we are setting up field tests, we are going to look for profiles corresponding to our end users. This allows us to have feedback to always improve the quality of our products.