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The most advanced thermal technologies for wearables

clim8 will automatically start heating when you start getting cold, and stop as needed.

Technical clothing and apparel as we know it is going to be replaced by second-skin gear enabling humans to maintain activities with optimized comfort in any environment and conditions, brought by powerful algorithms based on human thermal needs and science.

They trust us

We partner with the leader brands to tailor and launch high-quality wearables responding to specific industries and activities needs. We bring the most advanced technologies to best in class garments to enhance products and respond to new users expectations and usages.

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clim8 heat to go

The Technology

We’ve developed unique patented & innovative technologies and launched the most advanced products available on the market with major brands.

Our unique autonomous, safe and secure technology maintains an optimal thermal comfort level during a specific activity in any conditions.

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The Lab

The intelligence of the system is brought by powerful algorithms based on human thermal needs and science.

clim8 takes into account the user’s specific needs according to their profile, their activity and the environment.

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The App

In the era of personalization, we believe that collecting thermal data to give the right answer to our users is a must.

Our mobile app enables users to track their thermal needs and add personalized preferences for an optimal thermal experience.

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Your adventure in any conditions


The first and only self-heating and self-activating gloves. Autonomous and set up to your thermal preferences, for leisure, performance and professional activities.


The next generation of next-to-skin garment, already available.

Your adventure in any conditions

Vests & outer layers

Keeps you going during your adventure, hunting, hiking, etc.

And more to come…

With our brand partners we are engineering the next generation of products to set new standards in many industries (hunting, performance, security, workwear, and more).

Recognized for our innovation

ISPO Gold Winner Category Performance Baselayer

Finalist Big Booster
Acceleration Booster Programm

Finalist of Wearable World Cup
Category Health and Fitness

ISPO Gold Winner
Category Snowsports

CES Innovation Award
Category Wearable Technologies

ISPO Winner in partnership with Odlo
Category Snowsports

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