Intelligent Technology Inside

patented by clim8®

clim8® has developed the most advanced technologies that know HOW and WHEN to keep you warm! 

Since 2016, clim8® technologies have been part of countless adventures around the globe. With an enormous amount of energy, resources, and dedication, we continue to innovate with new technologies and solutions that makes any garment completely intelligent. 

clim8® technologies MONITOR in real time the skin temperature, ANALYZE the environment, user profile and specific needs, ACTIVATE heat when the comfort temperature drops and REGULATE skin temperature as the user starts and stops activities.


Intelligent heating

clim8® artificial intelligence embedded in the core8 products range provides responsive thermal comfort:
The core8 module with integrated power8 battery system that is specially designed for next-to-skin applications.
The core8+ module with externalized power8 battery system which can come with our automatic on-body detection system. Specially designed for gloves, jackets and shoes (and more). 

Seamless heating elements

Whether woven into the textile or within a textile pad, our seamless heated elements are integrated into the garment on the most strategic zones for optimal comfort and heating sensation. Tiny embedded thermal sensors regulate the heating elements based on your personal needs and environment.


An efficient solution

Our smart battery systems ensure longer lasting performance in any conditions and are specifically designed to all of your activities. From leisure to the most extreme conditions, the intelligent battery usage and battery sizes are always adapted to your needs.

clim8 app controller

Like no other heated clothes, our clim8 app provides the most advanced smart-heating experience. From personalized profile, to manual adjustments and activity selection, our ever-evolving algorithms combined with our app provide the world’s leading-edge heating experience.

unique. invisible. intelligent.

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