Ixon IT SERIES Aso Evo for men

Ixon IT SERIES Aso Evo for men

Ixon uses Clim8 technology to give you the best smart and connected heated gloves that knows WHEN and HOW to keep your hands warm. Featuring a unique smart sensor, the heating system keeps your hands at the best temperature regardless of the outside conditions.

  • Self-regulating heating system
  • Self activating heating system
  • Waterproof smart battery system
  • Premium fabric for the best thermal comfort

what’s inside ?

warm8 . Seamless Heating Elements

clim8® heating elements & sensors are safely and seamlessly integrated into the fabric of your product, on the most strategic zones, for optimal thermal comfort. 

core8+ . Intelligent heating system

clim8® unique self-regulating & activating heating system - no button to turn on ! The only artificical intelligence and autonomous controller that and knows HOW & WHEN to keep you warm. Providing you the ultimate, optimal and personlized thermal experience in real time.

power8 . Batteries + Charger

clim8® smart battery system ensures longer lasting performance in any conditions, adapting to your activity and needs in real time.

clim8 app

clim8 app sets up your personalized thermal profil to personalized your self-heating program in real-time. clim8 app will automatically update your core8 system for optimum performance according to your activity.

“Honestly really good ! Goodbye frozen hands I never ride without my heated gloves just a pity the battery does not last long enough but 3h30. Largely enough for a good ride.”

by Sebastien on motoblouz.com