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AI Thermal Technology Pioneers

Together, let’s go further

In 2016, clim8 was born out of the commitment from our three co-founders to put the users’ environmental and personal requirements in the center.

Pioneering breakthrough technologies in human comfort with the first ever fully autonomous, thermo-regulating systems to help unlock peak performance, comfort, and the users experience in all weather conditions.

clim8, a premium wearable technology and special ingredient brand with deep roots in science, data and textile provides a personalized and automated thermo-regulation experience.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of experts from a wide range of fields, including Doctors, Engineers and Specialists in Thermophysiology and Human Comfort, IoT, Electronics, Textile Design and Manufacturing.

Since our inception, clim8 has been dedicated to developing the best in class, most powerfully equipped and advanced intelligent thermal technologies. Wearable textile technologies which automatically know in real-time when, where and how to thermo-regulate body heat and comfort in any weather condition.

clim8 intelligent thermal technologies: a breakthrough for human thermal comfort. Seamlessly fusing textiles with soft and flexible electronics, equipped with autonomous sensors heating technologies.

Innovation, Quality, Performance.

At clim8, we are passionate about sports, technology, science and of course the outdoors.

From initial prototyping to commercialization, clim8 creates thermal solutions with passion, care, and attention to every detail. After all, we are the first to test, confirm and approve every clim8 thermal product solution developed far before it is released.

Infinite Research and Development.

R&D is the cornerstone of clim8 and it drives our motivation towards pushing the boundaries of thermal clothing and comfort. By continuously testing and keeping the users at the center, our R&D allows us to stay at the forefront of thermal wearables innovation.

Since the beginning, we have always been committed to meticulous Lab and Field testings with our team of experts.

They trust us

We partner with the leader brands to tailor and launch high-quality wearables responding to specific industries and activities needs. We bring the most advanced technologies to best in class garments to enhance products and respond to new users expectations and usages.

The most advanced thermal technology

Intelligent skin will help us to improve safety, health, performance & comfort according to activities and conditions and to give brands a better users understanding and improve design and features on all products integrating clim8 thermal technology.

IoW innovation

We are the IoW (Intelligence of Wearables) pioneer. We develop new intelligent thermal technologies.

Unique users knowledge

By offering cutting edge digital services to our clients, thanks to our data insight & knowledge.

Science proof technologies

Powered by clim8 Lab. Rigorous testing at every stage for top quality and durable products.

Highly desirable garments

We’re tailoring capsule collections with leading brands to bring head to toe thermal comfort.

“We wanted to bring a powerful technology based on thermal science that helps everyone to stay comfortable whatever their profile, activity or environment.”

Florian Miguet


“R&D has been fundamental for clim8 since Day 1. We thrive to innovate, question and challenge the status-quo and are inspired by a user’s centered approach.”

Julien Guéritée

R&D Director

“Our technological and scientific expertise allows us to engineer the new generation of intelligent thermal wearables.”

Pierre Mouette