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clim8 lab team elevates next generation of wearables…

We make the best heating technologies on the market!

The lab is a natural response to the growing demands of premium brands to integrate the clim8 technology in 2021. We wanted them intelligent, durable, and with proven benefits for the users. It was obvious we had to do it internally, at our HQ.

We design, we test, we innovate!

Nobody knows the users better than the brands. So we work in close collaboration with them to define the typical scenario of use, and what would be the ideal product for the user. This is the design and conception part.

We prototype…

We iterate a lot to get as close as possible to the initial request. Then we run large numbers of tests to make sure the solution is durable and will provide true benefits to the users.

By making the brands part of the process, we always ensure we understand the user and solve a problem they may have. But we like to take it a step further. At clim8, we have a dedicated team for innovation, where our researchers, scientists, and engineers will work with the brand to make sure we continuously increase the added value of the clim8 technology in the brands’ existing products. For example, we will use our sophisticated data collection process to take into account the feedback from the users, originating from the field, in the real world. The more the product is used, the better it gets.

We like to hear that our customers are very happy with the collaborative work and smooth development phases we experienced as a team. But the real satisfaction comes when we get positive feedback from the locals, as well as from the users living at the other end of the world.

… making the most of its collaborative process with the brands to tailor the best product and best experience for the end-users.

We test and learn !

Naturally, we get data from our lab experiments. We test fabrics and materials for their performance, then prototypes for their overall ergonomy and efficiency. Finally, we push the products to the limits in terms of durability and make sure they are fit for use. Most of our data come from the field, in real situations. Measures of temperature, activity, sensation, user profile… we do collect a lot of data. Probably more than anyone on the market because this is a core feature our solution has. Behind these anonymously-generated data sets, lies a lot of information we build on. We can look at how a user reacted to the heat provided by the clim8 solution. We contextualize it and based on the level of satisfaction in that situation, we can adjust the clim8 response so that next time, it feels even better.

Exploring mixed fields…

To ensure optimal thermal comfort, we have explored and taken the best out of different yet complementary fields. From this experience, we have learned and taken the best out of it. We are now able to develop and enforce our new standards in our industry. From physiology & body mapping for optimized performance, to the consideration of environmental impact through lab and field testing, to the textile and fabrics properties for best-in-class insulation, to the seamless integration of dedicated electronics.


In the lab

We imagine what would make sense before we make a first prototype. We design it based on our expertise and past experiences. However, most of the time the first iteration is not optimal. It isn’t durable enough. It does not bring enough benefits for the user. Or it simply does not fit. This is part of the normal process. However, we primarily learn from the users’ feedback for two reasons. First, because we have millions of data points from them. Second, because nothing can replace the real use, and the feedback from someone who probably expects a lot, and who would be honest.

“Our function is to provide knowledge and insights. We are the global repository for the science of human performance and potential.”
Julien Guéritée

R&D Director

“Combining our brand new clim8 lab featuring a climatic chamber with our expertise in human and thermal science, we thrive to customize all of our heating solutions under the most extreme conditions.”
Clotilde Souche

E-Textile Manager

“We combine human body physiology and thermal science to design each heating system with a user-centered approach. We develop testing tools and methods to measure and optimize performance with a science based approach.”
Bernard Redortier

Head of Thermal Comfort

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